Invite Stacey Sassine of Epic Reboot to join you on your journey through grief and help you move from tragedy to triumph.

After years of struggling to find purpose surrounding the losses in her own life, Stacey realized that really what she needed were two things: someone to talk to and a community of people who would lift her up when she needed it most. Epic Reboot and its services are designed to support individuals in the depths of various types of grief get the support and resources they need to find hope, to assign purpose, and to get back up and live life to its fullest.

Are you dealing with a loss or unexpected and difficult trauma and unsure of where to go from here? Are you facing unexpected and/or unwanted change in your life and feel stuck? Are you impacted by life-altering news but seek to maximize your life in spite of it? Through one-on-one virtual support as well as group grief coaching sessions within her Epic Reboot community, Stacey’s goal is to meet you where you are and give you the support you need to grow through what you are going through.

Loss & Transformation
1:1 Coaching


Experiencing loss of any sort is a part of life, but sometimes you need a coach to help you navigate your grief and subsequent transformation in a forward-focused way. Stacey, a UW-Madison Certified Grief Support Specialist, offers a 6-week comprehensive one-on-one coaching program developed to help you:

  • Adjust to the unique life changes that your loss has brought about and their affect on your motivation and wellness.
  • Get “unstuck” from your grief by identifying a purposeful path forward.
  • Identify individual strengths to assist with life decisions.​
  • Identify and address barriers to self-care and social wellness.​
  • Develop an action plan to achieve both short term and long term goals for wellness.
  • Identify rituals that assist you in the healing process and allow you to maintain a healthy relationship with your grief.

The Loss & Transformation One-on-One Grief Coaching package is appropriate for those who are grieving any type of loss, including the death of a loved one, job loss, infertility concerns, divorce, “midlife crisis,” relapse, empty nest syndrome, and more.

This 6-week program, which includes 6 one-hour sessions which are conducted online via Zoom teleconferencing or by phone, is $575.


Grief Community Coaching

We all need community, especially when we are navigating grief. Individuals that you may typically look to for support including your friends and family may not have similar experiences or fully understand the depths of your grief. Community has healing power and this community is a judge-free zone. 

The Group Grief Coaching Program includes 6 weeks of group sessions. Each 2-hour group session is virtual and will include a themed discussion each week with a blend of personal coaching and group sharing and engagement. There will be homework attendees will be required to complete prior to each week’s session.

Each group is promised to have no more than 8 people at one time. A 6-session commitment is required for the program and is $180 per program.

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Invite Stacey to Speak to Your Group


Grief connects us, and Stacey’s personal story of grief and of triumph has the power to inspire others on their journey through loss. Stacey is a professional speaker who is available for book readings, discussions with kids on grief, and speaking engagements with schools and organizations that support individuals and communities who are navigating grief and loss.

While Stacey’s speaking engagements are customized to meet the needs of her attendees, here are a few of her most popular topics.

  • From Pain to Purpose: Finding Purpose in Life’s Most Painful Situations
  • Parenting Through Grief: Navigating Your Own Grief Journey While Supporting Your Child’s, Too
  • Supporting Your Grieving Students: Guidance for Teachers and Educators on How to Be There for Their Students

Unsure of which step is the right next step?

Let’s chat. Take a look at your calendar, and at mine, and let’s set aside 15 minutes to get to know one another and determine which program is the right fit for you.

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