Grief & Guilt: Partners in Crime

Grief and guilt

A young woman sought my support while she was deep in despair over the loss of her mother. During our time together, we talked at length about their relationship, the void left in her life without her mom, and the extreme sadness she felt when she imagined a future without her mother in it. Our … Read more

Parenting a Grieving Child

Upset young man talking with his father.

The phrase “Sweet 16” always held a great deal of irony and disappointment for me. While most of my friends were celebrating their entry into adulthood, flashing newly minted drivers’ licenses and enjoying newfound freedom, I was grieving the death of my mom. Times were very different for me than for my peers. During those … Read more

A Story of Hope

A Story of Hope featured

As with most things in life, your past, your experiences, and your hardships don’t always make sense in the moment … it’s only years later that purpose arises. This is how our life’s stories are shaped. Our experiences — and those of others that our lives intersect with — refine who we are and what … Read more