When grief takes over, your life may be in need of a reboot.

Grief comes in all shapes and sizes. It tries to make itself a home within you as you embark on unwanted or unexpected change. It rears its ugly head when you navigate loss whether that is a job loss, a financial loss or a loss of a loved one. It shows up in the depths of a concerning diagnosis and it prefers to live in places of worry, moments where hope seems distant, and you feel utterly immobilized by fear. Grief has its own set of friends — sorrow, anxiety, helplessness, and vulnerability. But those aren’t the types of friends any of us welcome with open arms.

Grief has a place but you get to choose its purpose. When you work through grief, instead of setting it aside in hopes it will work through itself, you get the chance to become unstuck — to reboot — and fulfill the purpose you are destined for.

Is the loss and associated grief in your life too fresh for you to process or have you been carrying it too long that you are unsure how to unpack it? Are you fearful of talking about your worries to others for fear of judgement? Are you in need of someone to talk to and help guide you through this challenging time? Encountering grief at some point in our lives in inevitable, but remembering that you are not alone is critical. Stacey Sassine of Epic Reboot is ready to support you on this journey of becoming unstuck and the process of rebooting.

Epic Reboot is a supportive community for those wanting to practice better self-care by healing the wounds of their past. Stacey Sassine, Founder of Epic Reboot, understands your unique needs while navigating various forms of loss and grief, and has created a safe space to allow you to unplug, reset, recharge, and reboot. By supporting you in changing your mindset and habits, Stacey guides you to heal your body, mind, and soul allowing you the freedom to live a beautiful, more fulfilling life. Grief doesn’t have to hold you back; it can be a catalyst to help you see life in new and more purposeful ways.

Epic Reboot’s programs are built upon its signature framework to help individuals not just navigate grief, but transform through the process. This framework was the foundation for Stacey’s personal growth and has proven to be life-changing for others who utilize it as well. When you invite Stacey on your grief journey, she will customize her three steps to meet your needs right where you are.

3 Steps to Move from Tragedy to Triumph

Step 1:

Assign purpose to pain. This is the first step to healing a broken heart and mending the shattered parts of one’s inner self. Acceptance of what happened is important, but it’s the assigning of purpose that makes the challenging situation shift to one that has power for good.

Step 2:

Focus on a spirit of gratitude. Finding avenues for service to others has the power to open up the world to endless possibilities. Of course, you don’t have to be grateful for your pain, but you can learn to understand how your pain shaped you into the beautiful person you are today. By living a life of gratitude, you exert a greater influence over your surroundings and attract people and opportunities into your life that fulfill you.

Step 3:

Growing never does — and never should — stop. Learning and growing never stops, and living with a continuous transformation mindset will allow you to evolve as a person with gifts to share with others and the universe. Growing never stops or is finished.

A Woman with a Heart of Service and a Passion for Helping

Stacey Sassine dusted off a treasured piece of her history and decided it was time to allow it to serve the lives of others, just like it had served her life decades prior. Little did she know that in opening up a piece of her past would she unlock the need to do more … to serve more … to help more.

Her mother had written a book about childhood grief, a topic Stacey knows all too well. The book was meant to help a grieving family but never found a publisher to ensure that the book could impact the lives of others. Stacey made it her life’s mission to turn her mom’s dream into a reality.

Years before Stacey became a seasoned, accomplished leader working for and supporting top Fortune 100 and 500 companies, her mother passed away tragically from a failed heart transplant, leaving behind Stacey and her brother as teenagers. At a young age, way before she was equipped to understand or cope with it’s devastating side effect, grief hit home for her, and it was her mother’s book — one that she had written for another family — that helped her find a sense of peace many years later.

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Stacey spent years as a successful sales leader, working with companies who invested thousands of training dollars on programs from respected leaders like Steven Covey, Ken Blanchard, Harvard Business Review, Speakeasy and many more. And yet, she knew that even though she had attained a level of success so many seek, she had a deeper calling … one that would require her to face her younger self and her grief head on and it would begin by finally publishing her mom’s book.

In 2020, on the cusp of the release of Caterpillars Can’t Talk: A Children’s Story About Love, Loss and Transformation, Stacey quit her sales executive job to start a nonprofit called One Million Monarchs and her consulting company, Epic Reboot, and rededicated her life to helping others cope through loss and grief.

The in-the-trenches and on-the-ground education and experience she received in sales, sales leadership, nonprofit executive management, event planning and operations have equipped her with the expertise to coach, educate and empower others to reach their potential. But it was her own struggles with grief — around the loss of her mother, the loss of a marriage, financial ruin and a devastating journey with infertility — that allows her to help others reboot. Now, as a certified grief coach, Stacey merges her expertise with her passion to serve.

Stacey’s journey through grief took much soul searching and dedicated hard work to climb step-by-step out of the darkness that she found herself in and entertain the idea of creating a new life; a life she now loves. Her journey wasn’t a quick one by any stretch of the imagination, but like most journeys, the most growth doesn’t happen when you reach your destination; it happens along the path. What she learned along the way were several life lessons that she now shared with others to help them heal from their own pain and uncover a life that they love and are worthy of living.

Through her one-on-one support and group coaching programs, she helps those who suffer any form of loss move from tragedy to triumph by assigning purpose to pain, focusing on finding avenues for service to others, and being committed to never stop growing. Together, Stacey helps others practice better self-care by healing the wounds of their past and helping create a path forward that lights up their soul.

Hey! Stacey here and love to connect with you and learn more about your journey to see if I could help you embark on an epic reboot. Take the first step and schedule a free 15-minute chat with me.