Are you looking for life's reset button?

Don’t let grief get you stuck.
Embrace a reboot …
possibly an epic one.

Many times, life can feel like a glitchy piece of technology. It may be running smoothly, and you feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie, until you hit a glitch. And that glitch may be life-changing.

Have you ever experienced a glitchy piece of technology? Frustrating isn’t it? If you are like me, you may feel immobilized when technology seems to be working against you, and I am a lost cause when it comes to figuring out how to fix it. Instead of spending hours trying to “unglitch the glitch,” I usually reach out to someone who has a bit more patience with technology than I do — my brother —to share some words of wisdom.

His best advice? “Stacey, have you powered down and rebooted it yet? Have you unplugged it and plugged it back in?”

Most times, his advice is spot on. To fix the malfunction, you have to press pause, power down, and give it a moment to relax and recalibrate. Usually this does the trick, and my television, phone, or computer is back to working like a charm.

When life deals you unexpected difficulties, wouldn’t it be nice to press the reset button and reboot? I’ve been dealt my fair share of challenges and I’ve navigated the depths of grief … and I’m here to tell you that quite possibly we may have a reset button. Pushing it may not resolve the problem as quickly as a computer reboot does, but we hold the power to change our mindset and habits which can allow us to heal our bodies, minds, and souls and live a beautiful, more fulfilling life.

I’d love to help you unplug, recharge, and reboot.


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Epic Reboot Reflection

The first step in navigating grief is acknowledging it and the feelings associated with it. To help you unpack a setback that you may be carrying, take part in the Epic Reboot Reflection, a free, 7-day journaling experience that will help you press pause and reflect on what may be holding you back most.

Hey, I'm Stacey Sassine, Your Transformation Coach

Grief. It’s something we all experience to varying degrees and something many of us silently carry daily. It has the power to unify us, but if we don’t work through it, it can easily divide us. It can push us to distance ourselves from our loved ones and from our own hopes and dreams. Grief isn’t something we should neglect, ignore, or try to forget. It’s something we must put in perspective and embrace the journey connected to it.

I know this because I’ve lived it. I’ve experienced loss … I’ve experienced unwanted change … and I’ve learned how to maximize life’s opportunities in spite of it, and I’d love to share my tried-and-true approach with you if you are ready to navigate your personal grief journey and move forward with newfound purpose.

While you may not be able to change the situation, you can change how you see it, and I can help. As founder and chief transformational coach of Epic Reboot, I cannot wait to help you ignite your light again, find the warmth that comes from within, and make the shift from “glitchy” to glowing!

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Don’t navigate grief alone. I’m here for you.

Experience the Power of an Epic Reboot​

Epic Reboot offers one-on-one and group support sessions to help you through your grief journey. Both offerings, led by Certified Grief Coach Stacey Sassine, will provide you with the guidance to find purpose in your challenge and shift your mindset so you can move from tragedy (whatever kind you may be facing) to triumph.

A Story
to Soothe Broken Hearts

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Caterpillars Can’t Talk provides parents, grandparents, teachers and counselors with a gentle way to talk about what we feel when someone we love passes away. It is a simple, sweet, heartfelt story that opens conversations and helps entire families heal.

This acclaimed book, first written in 1982 by Kris Fenton Siwek and finally brought to publication by her daughter, Stacey Sassine in 2020, is ideal for children ages 4 through 12 and has been embraced by teens and adults as well. Whether we’re 6 or 60, we all grieve, and we all hurt, and we all wonder if we’ll ever stop feeling sad when someone we love dies.

“On each page of this book, numerous opportunities unfold for us to visit and share our own journeys through grief. This book is pure gold for children and families in the wake of loss.”

LeAnn Lawler, Retired Elementary School Teacher

A Story of Hope featured

A Story of Hope

As with most things in life, your past, your experiences, and your hardships don’t always make sense in the moment … it’s only years later

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